As we inch closer and closer to 2019, we’re taking a look back at some of your favorite topics we’ve covered on our blog this past year.

Ready the fireworks, put the champagne on ice, and assemble your loved ones “” it’s almost time to countdown to a new year!

And what would this time of year be without a few best-of lists making the rounds to start the festivities?

Not one to miss out on a December tradition, we’ve assembled a list of some of our readers’ favorite blog posts over the past 365 days, simultaneously highlighting which subjects garnered the most attention in 2018. We can also think of these post as “digital marketing best performing topics” as a whole, meaning that a lot of people out there care about the topics these posts cover.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and check them out together”¦

#5. Opening a New Location? 7 Ways to Promote It

“With a new year comes new opportunities.”

Some variation of this sentiment has always existed, but while the exact wording never quite seems to stick, the general idea never stops being true.”¯

In 2018, “new opportunities” for many businesses meant more locations popping up around town. In our list of the most useful ways to promote them, we detailed seven key tactics to help give your new spot its share of the spotlight, including:

  • Ensuring your content and information online are in tip-top shape;

  • Generating hype through social media;

  • Getting neighboring businesses involved.

Check out the original article here.

#4. Are You Facing These Common Local Marketing Challenges?

Short of the planets aligning in exactly the right cosmic formation to create an outcome in which your business is 100% successful all the time “” challenges are inevitable. For every business.

Considering how complex marketing can be, and how quickly it evolves, these challenges are more likely than anything. There is so much to manage: trends fall by the wayside, once reliable methods lose their lustre, customers respond to different things over time, etc.

Our piece on common marketing challenges for local business looks at:

  • How to know if your marketing is coming up short;

  • How to get to know your audience better;

  • How it’s a search engine’s world and we’re just living in it.

#3. Facebook Advertising + Search Marketing: Why You Really Need Both

History is filled with formidable duos. Tennis has the Williams sisters, music has Simon and Garfunkel, video games have Mario and Luigi.

And marketing? Well, marketing has Facebook and search marketing.

Though the two are often talked about separately, creating a marketing strategy built around their combined force can propel your business’ awareness and website traffic while getting you quality leads. Our article from earlier this year looks at:

  • How many eyeballs you might be missing without Facebook ads;

  • Why search is the perfect follow-up to a Facebook ad;

  • How the right keywords can help people who’ve seen your ad find you again.

Check out original article here.

#2. How to Win with Multi-Channel Marketing

Of course, for some, Facebook and search marketing are only part of the equation.

Because there are plenty more channels and tactics where that came from, businesses can create uniquely effective strategies to expand their reach even further and talk to customers they’ve never encountered before. In our look at the multi-channel approach, we highlighted:

  • Why combining local digital marketing and traditional marketing works;

  • Different ways online and offline channels can complement each other;

  • How you can personalize for customers while still tending to the big picture.

Check out original article here.

#1. What Can Geofencing Do for My Local Business?

Last, but certainly not least, one of our most read subjects this year was geofencing.

If you feel like you’re arriving late to the party and wondering “what’s this hot-button topic I missed out on in 2018?” – geofencing gives businesses the ability to set up a perimeter around their locations based on GPS coordinates, in order to send marketing messages and promotions to any given person whenever they’re close by.

Mobile phones are a staple of everyday life now, so whether you’re already somewhat familiar with geofencing or literally just learned about it 23 words ago, our article on the subject will tell you all about:

  • How to set up geofences;

  • What kinds of advertising capabilities geofencing gives you;

  • How geofencing can fit into your multi-channel approach.

Check out original article here.

Are you as excited about 2019 as we are? If so, reach out to us, and we’ll help you channel that energy “” as well as any of the tactics we mentioned “” into a complete marketing strategy to build your business’s success.

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