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Casco Bay Electric, LLC

Portland, ME

Casco Bay Electric, LLC is a full-service electrical contractor offering a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial services. Operating out of Portland, Maine, Casco Bay takes pride in calling customer service its biggest strength. There’s no job too big or small for Casco Bay, as its team of electrical experts will always be there when customers need assistance.


lower search ad CPC than industry average


higher Social Ad CTR than industry average


lower Social Ad CPC than industry average

"Overall, business has been growing steadily. We're making big gains with less money year over year with LocaliQ. "

- Dan Yamartino, Operations Manager, Casco Bay Electric, LLC


Casco Bay has always had a local appeal to nearby Southern Maine residents and businesses, but the team hoped to expand that beyond Southern Maine into Central Maine.


After starting promotions with a local TV station, the Casco Bay team wanted to expand their reach beyond just local markets. But with so much going on in-house, the team’s bandwidth and marketing growth plans were mismatched.

“We knew we needed an outside partner for our marketing to get our desired results. LocaliQ has been great—very responsive and I’ve always gotten an answer to my questions,” said Dan Yamartino, Operations Manager at Casco Bay.


The LocaliQ team developed Casco Bay’s digital strategy around:

  • SEO
  • Search Ads
  • Social Ads

This suite of solutions helped contribute to 80% of the brand’s total site engagement coming from LocaliQ.


Casco Bay’s Search Marketing campaigns resulted in a 15% conversion rate, compared to the industry average of 11%.

“Pay per click from LocaliQ is a key driver—it just works!” said Yamartino.

Cross-channel success

To complement the business’s Search Marketing efforts, Casco Bay has also achieved success with its Social Ads from LocaliQ. The combination of Search Marketing and Social Ads has created opportunities for Casco Bay to grow brand awareness and tap into new markets. In fact, these campaigns have brought the business almost half a million impressions in the first half of 2022. This multi-channel strategy helps Casco Bay hit all their desired marketing metrics and goals.

“Clicks, leads, and impressions have always seemed to be steadily increasing. We’re now opening another location and eventually moving into New Hampshire as well as other parts of New England,” Yamartino added.

A trustworthy partnership

Aside from these great results, Casco Bay also finds the LocaliQ platform to be reliable and trustworthy. “Although LocaliQ is big, we never feel like just a forgotten account. We’re getting truly beneficial growth.”

The Casco Bay team gets complete transparency when it comes to the performance of their campaigns through LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard.

“We just started a campaign for the new location, so the platform is a very useful tool as we test and optimize. I can gauge the market with real numbers.”

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