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Community Hospice of Texas

Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco, TX

In business since 1996, Community Hospice of Texas provides in-home and in-patient care to patients and families in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Waco, Texas, areas. They’re dedicated to setting the highest standards for home-based and community healthcare services and products.


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"I've seen such great success with [LocaliQ]. I've seen growth in business, growth in our branding. It really has been a great relationship."

- Robin Carter, VP of Business Strategies, Community Hospice of Texas




The team at Community Hospice of Texas knows that it’s often stressful to find the right partner for in-home or in-patient care. They wanted a way to make it a little easier for their target audience to find and connect with them. And, they wanted to educate the communities they operate in about what they do and how they may be able to help when it comes time to search for their specific services.

They knew that marketing was the right way to reach their specific goals, which included growing recognition of their business and helping as many patients as possible all in a cost-effective way, so they partnered with us for LocaliQ marketing solutions.


LocaliQ’s marketing solutions provide Community Hospice of Texas with a way to effectively reach those who need their services in their areas. This includes a powerful combination of:

  • Search Ads
  • Social Ads
  • SEO
  • Chat



Before working with LocaliQ, the team at Community Hospice of Texas was relying on print advertising. Although print advertisements are effective, they wanted a way to increase that effectiveness online, where more and more people are looking for healthcare information and organizations. Robin Carter, the VP of Business Strategies at Community Hospice of Texas, worked with our team in a previous position and was excited to bring them on to help with Community Hospice’s digital marketing efforts.

Since partnering with LocaliQ, Community Hospice of Texas has seen more patients coming in after finding them online, whether through search engines, Facebook, or a display ad.

“We hear often from people that call in that they have found us online,” said Carter.

Aside from reaching new patients through online sources, Community Hospice of Texas is focused on consistent branding and communicating what they do clearly to prospects. Since working with LocaliQ and minimizing the number of vendors they need to work with, Carter believes Community Hospice of Texas has succeeded in remaining consistent across the web.

“I think that our branding and our name has become more and more relevant out there,” said Carter.

Live chat has also been key to Community Hospice of Texas’s success because it enables them to make connections with prospects faster and provide information that allows patients or their families to get the answers they need while going through the research phase.

Facebook advertising is a newer avenue for Community Hospice of Texas but one that has already started yielding results. Because more and more younger caretakers are active on Facebook, it’s a great place to reach them and provide information about the top-notch services Community Hospice of Texas provides.

Community Hospice of Texas is pleased with the relationship they have with LocaliQ, the results they’ve seen since working with LocaliQ, and the solutions LocaliQ offers to help them reach their business goals.

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