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Spindel Eye Associates

Derry, NH

Spindel Eye Associates is a leading Ophthalmologic and Optometric practice in New Hampshire. The Spindel Eye team has provided eye care to patients across three locations for over 35 years, including everything from routine exams to complex ocular disease procedures.


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"Working with the team made me aware that you could never do anything like this on your own. You need experts to monitor everything. The support is really wonderful."

- Sarah Wood, O.D., Spindel Eye Associates


After looking into various digital marketing providers, Sarah ultimately decided to work with our experts because they designed a marketing plan that was both comprehensive and affordable. LocaliQ solutions also allow Spindel Eye Associates to maintain the control they desired over their campaigns while receiving expert consultation to ensure the most impactful results.


Before partnering with our experts, Spindel Eye Associates relied entirely on traditional marketing tactics to get the word out about their business. However, when Dr. Sarah Wood was introduced to the power of digital marketing by her husband, who already successfully utilized LocaliQ solutions to promote his car dealership, she knew it was the right next step for Spindel Eye.


Our experts helped Spindel Eye Associates transition into the world of digital marketing with a full suite of solutions, including:

  • SEO
  • Search Ads
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Video Ads
  • Social Ads

Our experts helped Spindel Eye Associates transition into the world of digital marketing with a full suite of solutions, including:


Spindel Eye Associates has been pleased with the number of new patients their LOCALiQ marketing solutions have fostered. In the last 30 days alone, the Spindel Eye team has received 1.6k calls from their campaigns.

The Power of Top Technology

In addition to regular check-ins with our experts, Spindel Eye Associates utilize the Client Center to keep a pulse on campaign performance and to track form fills and calls from their marketing efforts.

The Spindel Eye team has been particularly happy with the performance of their display advertising campaign, which allows them to target different segments of their customers, like LASIK and general ophthalmology. “I truly think our PPC LASIK campaign is what has driven our volume up in the last 3 years,” Sarah said. “People are finding us on the internet much more than they used to. To have this liquid cash coming into the practice based on a Google search is fantastic.”

Continued Growth with LOCALiQ

Throughout COVID-19, Spindel Eye Associates trusted our experts to respond quickly and make updates to their site and listings as needs changed. Now, Spindel Eye is excited to continue this strong partnership into the future as they plan to open a new location, which will require an extensive marketing strategy to introduce the Spindel Eye brand to an entirely new community.

“Hiring [LocaliQ] is not only a gain for the business, but for me personally it was an education experience about digital marketing and learning how to promote a company and using tools on the internet that are at our disposal,” Sarah Wood, who has been an optometrist at Spindel Eye Associates for 18 years, said. “The team really has proven to be experts in this field, because it’s nothing I could have done by myself.”

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