Meet the Team

At LOCALiQ, our people are truly what make us great. Meet our 2020 Diamond Elite Sales Professionals – a team of marketing superheroes with unmatched digital acumen and an unwavering commitment to helping your business thrive. These representatives make up the top 5% of the LOCALiQ sales organization. Learn about the unique superpowers of each of our team members below.



I excel at prospecting through social media, relationship building, and going above and beyond for prospective clients. I have high confidence in search marketing, social ads, and email marketing.

Michael Acuff

Memphis, TN

I pride myself on having exemplary customer service and comprehensive communication with all clients. I believe that relationships and the ability to truly listen to our clients are the foundation for success.

Michele Aenlle

Detroit, MI

I have 15 years of experience and extensive training on digital solutions. I’m a good listener and don’t take shortcuts. I provide solutions based off the customer’s needs, but I also like to think out of the box.

Monica Aguilar

Austin, TX

My strengths include being persistent, building relationships, and providing added value. I help clients see me as an extension of their team. I have a strong sense of integrity and follow through on everything I do.

Thomas Bennewitz

Athens, GA

My Sales Superpower is my understanding of the products. I have taken a lot of time over the years to learn the products on a granular level, which allows me to correlate our capabilities with customer needs in real time.

Jacob Yetter-Berndsen

Cincinnati, OH

I have high confidence in PPC, targeted email, and the home improvement industry. I have a knack for picking up new topics quickly and asking fruitful probing questions, and I demonstrate a strong attention to detail.

Patrick Blaney

Milwaukee, WI

My top segment is higher education. I am at my best when constructing customized plans that involve: SEM/Social ads (FB, IG, Snapchat, etc), Banner ads, Client Center, Total Live Chat, and Social Media Management.

Cortlan Booker

Cincinnati, OH

My strengths include understanding all aspects of digital and what tactic is best based on marketing strategy, reporting and follow through. My experience on the digital agency side gives me a unique perspective.

Katrina Canfield

Indianapolis, IN

I am able to clearly explain digital marketing strategies to clients and relate this to business goals. Strong customer service and a clear understanding of products have allowed me to help service successful campaigns.

Rebecca Cardenas

Bergen, NJ

My superpowers are creativity and product knowledge. I understand very well the products that are at my disposal as a marketer and I am good at devising a creative plan to implement them.

Justin Coker

Pensacola, FL

Listening to and understanding my client’s business and unique needs is essential to building a successful marketing plan and partnership. Trust and transparency are key as we navigate the complex world of digital marketing together.

Amber Cornelius

Ohio Region

I have been successful as a digital seller because I am passionate about how great our products are. When I make recommendations, my clients recognize that I am trying to help them grow, not just “sell” them something.

Corrine Dahlk

Oshkosh/Fond du Lac, WI

I do what I say, and I say what I’ll do. My career has leaned heavily on the consultative sales approach and building strong, lasting client relationships. I truly want my clients to feel like I’m their partner.

Ariyana Edmond

Rochester, NY

I combine client research with creation of the right solution to ensure track-able ROI programs. I have done a lot of work with dentists and I know how to speak to them and what solutions they will see work best.

Bryan Gropper

Philadelphia, PA

I have high confidence in social, Targeted Display, Email, and direct print. I believe we always have opportunities to learn, so constant learning is something I like to focus on.

Daniela Miranda-Hardin

Austin, TX

My Sales Superpowers are prospecting and relationship building. Some of the marketing products I have high confidence in include branded content, display, and search.

Tracy Hemrick

Naples, FL

I believe my success is due to taking the time to educate my clients and potential new customers. I speak to the benefits of how, when and why certain platforms work best, setting the stage for proactive future planning.

Melissa Hubbard

Port Huron, MI

I have high confidence in video advertising and search engine marketing. A few of my sales superpowers include excellent customer service and proposal presentations.

Abdullai Kabba

Framingham, MA

I am skilled at developing trust quickly – by mixing overall business acumen with digital knowledge to generate new business resulting in consistently being a ‘turn to’ person for clients & peers.

Edward Knips

Ventura, CA

The relationships that I have built with my clients over time is my superpower. There are always obstacles to overcome, however, providing transparency and working with the utmost integrity has taken me far.

Melissa Kwake

Phoenix, AZ

I set expectations up front and review results monthly to keep the client engaged while tweaking anything that needs to be modified throughout the campaign. This helps continue building the relationship with the client.

Taylor LaBell

Sarasota, FL

My sales superpower is my dedication to the craft of marketing more than sales. My understanding of the details of the solutions and my use of data separate me. My clients appreciate that I dig into their business.

Matthew Labuda

Milwaukee, WI

I have high confidence in SEM and programmatic display. My sales superpower is closing! I try to bring as much supporting data and results / support reassurance into my presentations to get the close.

Leah Mallory

Columbus, OH

My sales superpowers include my knowledge of products and strategy development. Some of the products I have high confidence in include search, listings, and social ads.

James Massey

Springfield, MO

I pride myself on building great client relationships with excellent customer service, which leads to long-term loyal customers. I engage in thorough fact finding to understand client goals and cater to those needs.

Marion Mccurdy

Asheville, NC

My superpower is client relationships and doing what is right. When it comes to business, trust is not only proven but is driven by excellence. I listen to what the client is saying, develop a strategy, and deliver the goods!

Maria Miranda

Daytona Beach, FL

The products and segments I have high confidence in include PPC, retargeting, Facebook, smart solutions, direct mail, legal, dentistry, and more. My sales superpowers include evaluating needs and the final presentation.

Clifton Morris

Lafayette, LA

I understand the business side of marketing – tracking and measuring success, understanding total addressable marketing opportunity and leveraging data to make decisions. I have strong communication skills and think innovatively.

Ruth Mushynski

Springfield, MO

What makes me elite is my understanding of how best to set up a campaign for my customers. I don’t simply rely on the ability of a digital tactic, but rather how my customers can take advantage of those tactics.

Michael Newby

Sarasota, FL

I am an active listener and a storyteller. I feel I’m good at asking probing questions, acknowledging the client’s needs, aligning with them to find the best solutions, and assuring them throughout the sales process.

Jason Paredes

Springfield, IL

I love search marketing, LSA, email marketing and branded content. I am a part of your team. I am not here to “sell you anything”. I am your partner. I am who you call on for help and guidance.

Heather Patton

Naples, FL

I specialize in making the complex world of digital marketing understandable for my clients. You need to know what’s working and where improvements can be made when developing a marketing strategy to reach your unique business goals.

Brittany Prendiville

Worcester, MA

My sales superpower is leveraging data and research to sell. I ask (the right) questions to get the client thinking and get them to really share their weaknesses and challenges.

Kari Ratkovich

Des Moines, IA

I develop trust during initial Evaluate Needs meetings. This helps create a relationship established on trust. I am an elite digital seller because I can put a campaign together that consistently works for the client.

Justin Riley

Corpus Christi, TX

I focus on ROI with my current and new clients, and make sure we are setup for success from day one. My clients typically love working with me and trust my feedback, honesty and dedication in helping their business.

Richard Ryzman

Portsmouth, NH

I enjoy making connections with my prospects and clients. I look for the little ways I can engage with them and provide value – and find its those little things that end up making the biggest difference in building trust.

Matthew Salnick

Ventura, CA

Helping clients have a better understanding of marketing is empowering to both of us. My goal is mutual education. Clients teach me about their business, and then in turn, I help them navigate the digital marketing world.

Karissa Seeberger

Sarasota, FL

I have a well-rounded knowledge of our suite of products and build solutions that are unique to each client’s goals. I build strong relationships with my clients and work to make myself an integral member of their team.

Lauren Severiano

Westchester, NY

I am able to see what a client can’t see and can help them to visualize that. This includes what their demo actually looks like, how they interact online, what they will do in the future, etc.

Brent Snyder

Nashville, TN

My superpower comes from a combined experience in back-end fulfillment, client facing sales and digital product knowledge matched by a passionate willingness to “roll up my sleeves” and support clients at every level.

Angelina Stewart

West Palm Beach, FL

I have high confidence in SEM, social and email products. My unique power is the ability to politely pester people when I am prospecting or asking them questions about their current marketing efforts.

Greg Stieber

Des Moines, IA

My knowledge of digital marketing products is my sales superpower. What makes me different is my passion for what I do! I love technology, digital products, digital trends, social media, YouTube and Apple products.

Marc Strickland

Memphis, TN

I have high confidence in targeted display, social ads, email, and branded content. I get the client to understand how diverse the solution needs to be in order to make sure that we get conversion to the objective.

Cari Thro

Tallahassee, FL

My team says my superpowers are my in-depth knowledge of our products and the logical combination of them to build out a campaign. Plus, I am able to explain everything to business owners in a way that they can understand.

Joanne Conrad-Turner

Hagerstown, MD

I work hard to stay up to date with the latest trends so that I can speak to any questions I get – I want to be seen as a resource and the call that clients/prospects make when they have a question about digital marketing.

Stephanie Vedder

Roseville, CA

My Sales Superpowers are Creativity and Analytics. I like to spend time on accounts getting creative to maximize impact. I tend to spend a lot of time pouring over results to find the stories in the campaign performance.

Joe Vinsik

Austin, TX

The sales process is my superpower. I’ve embraced selling in the real world and it has led to success. Data sharing is also a superpower. When presentations turn into education sessions those typically convert into contracts.

Justin Vottero

Akron, OH

My sales superpowers are super-strength product knowledge coupled with perseverance and transparency. I’m confident in a combination of audience solutions from print, digital, promotions and sponsored content.

Michele Walden

Fort Walton Beach, FL

My deeper understanding of not only the “What” of a product, but also the “How” and “Why” of the implementation makes me better able to communicate with clients and ensure that their needs are being adequately met.

Jamie West

Monroe, LA

I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients and coming up with solutions that will help them. I like knowing the ins and outs of products and being able to show my clients how solutions are providing a good ROI.

Lynn White

Corning, NY

I do my best to look for the opportunities, not the obstacles, and I’m a team player. I’ve sold digital for a long time now and know the products well. I have high confidence in SEM, display, and retargeting.

Carol Wilson

Roseville, CA