Targeted Display Advertising

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Stay top of mind with your target consumers at every turn.

LOCALiQ Lead Gen Display Advertising

Get the conversion you want.

Get your message delivered to all the communities that matter to your business – no matter the zip code.

LOCALiQ’s targeted display advertising gets you the best of both worlds: coast-to-coast reach with over 170 million unique visitors on our news sitesplus highly localized targeting. Conversions are just around the corner.

Your audience awaits.

We have more than 1,000 weekly publications and 260+ daily publications throughout more than 600 commnities in our back pocket for all your display advertising needs. And did we mention premium sites like our local newspaper websites are three times more effective at driving consumers to engage with your business?

7x people need to see an ad at least seven times before they take action.

The Marketing Rule of 7

Best-in-class partnerships.

It takes a village to get your ad where it needs to be. Our ad network partnerships give you access to the perfect ad locations, with automatic budget and performance optimizations.

Creative minds at your service.

Do you need a static image or a unique video? If you’re not sure, rest assured that after learning about your business goals, our team will formulate brilliant advertising ideas, create content that engages consumers and drives purchases.

LOCALiQ Lead Gen Display Advertising
LOCALiQ Lead Gen Display Advertising

Content that sticks.

We build interactive content like infographics and quizzes, so we can tell your story in a way that entertains your audience – and outshines your competitors along the way! Sometimes, the written word just doesn’t cut it.

Video expertise.

Video killed the radio star… and the written ad? All jokes aside, video content is the top priority for marketing experts, and for good reason: 80% of users recall video ads they’ve seen in the last 30 days. We create your video and push it right in front of your target customers.

LOCALiQ Lead Gen Display Advertising
LOCALiQ Lead Gen Display Advertising

Always tracking.

Ensure tracking your print and digital ad placement is easy – and say goodbye to the guessing game. Our proprietary tracking technology makes all of this possible in one single location and one single password.

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