Targeted Email Marketing

Drive leads and awareness

Email marketing campaigns that connect you with the right prospective candidates.

Deliver more targeted emails directly to the inbox of prospective candidates.

Tap into email marketing to increase your employment brand awareness, drive more applicants to your careers website, and promote your open positions.

We can design and build a targeted email marketing campaign to connect you to the right prospective candidates, and our experienced copywriters and designers know how to make an email stand out. Our recruitment email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile and top email platforms, giving your message a clear and bold voice that inspires action.

Reach more local job seekers.

With smart audience targeting, you can communicate your employment brand message or latest job openings effectively and efficiently to the right audience of job seekers. We use high-quality data to help you reach new prospective candidates using sophisticated audience targeting based on demographics, geography, life events, and more.

91% of people check their email at least once a day.

Exact Target

Promote job fairs and job opportunities.

Let our email copywriters and designers put their expertise toward making your message stand out from the competition. Tell a targeted local audience of job seekers about your job fair events, new location openings, and timely job opportunities. Drive more interest and applications with emails that actually get opened.

Stay out of the dreaded junk folder.

We don’t just hit every email address that ever existed. We’ve set best practices in place for quality, verification, and list hygiene. Why be so picky? Two reasons. One, to avoid being classified as spam where your message lands in a black hole — and two, to ensure emails belong to real people with active accounts.

Email generates the highest ROI for 10 years running.


Email campaign application match back and ROI.

We evaluate the targeted email audience against the applicants you receive over a 30-day period. This allows you to measure the influence of each email marketing campaign against your overall recruitment strategy. How’s that for useful insights?

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