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Understand where your leads are coming from.

The only tracking tool you’ll need to monitor your marketing investments.

No more guessing your leads behavior.

Our proprietary tracking technology monitors and tracks your leads behavior detailing channels they use, whether its pring or digital to custom tracking URLs and phone numbers to simplify lead attribution.

Optimize campaign performance.

Our technology works together with capture code and phone number tracking. to track search marketing, targeted display, or social ads campaign performance. Our recruitment marketing experts use this magic combination info to optimize your strategy for more conversions.

Keep close to opportunity.

Listen to your calls and learn about your candidate leads and, bonus improve candidate experience, by using our custom call-tracking tool which records every call coming in and takes note of key pieces of information about the caller, including their name, phone number, and location.

Offline and online success come together.

Spread your message on multiple channels to the same audience? Here’s where our capture code technology comes in handy. Track URLs and phone numbers from your print ads within the USA TODAY NETWORK to capture and nurture your leads.

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