21st Century Oncology is the largest independent cancer-care company in North, Central, and Latin America. With numerous medical oncology officers all across the country, they have been serving patients for over 30 years.


21st Century Oncology wanted to refocus their message to align with the mission statement and values of their business to bring in additional like-minded team members. However, their biggest challenge was thinking in more non-traditional ways when it came to marketing their business and getting their message in front of their community. 21st Century Oncology was integrated with their patients but needed a marketing partner to share that unique culture with potential team members and stakeholders. That’s where we come in! 


LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT put together a custom marketing campaign for 21st Century Oncology that allowed them to establish a presence on top social media sites with detailed campaigns to attract the right candidates they were looking for. Their LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT-led campaign includes Social Media Marketing and Social Ads.  


With the help of their custom marketing campaign from LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT, 21st Century Oncology was able to get more applications from highly-qualified and mission-focused candidates that aligned with their overall recruitment goals. They see the LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT team as a valued partner that not only delivers results, but also provides expert advice, a strategic vision, and a client-first attitude. 

“The [LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT] team is professional, ethical, and enjoyable to work with. They help us refine campaigns to ensure candidates are highly-qualified, and we’re seeing results.”

Janner Holliday
LMS and Policy Management at 21st Century Oncology
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