Brookfield Residential is an industry-leading new home builder dedicated to creating innovative, unique, and community-building spaces for its residents.


The Brookfield Residential team in Central Texas initially partnered with LOCALiQ to help them grow their business, elevate the customer experience, and increase brand recognition in their areas. As COVID-19 hit, they faced an additional challenge of marketing during the pandemic and needed to pivot their messaging and change up their campaigns to ensure they were proceeding with empathy and with their residents top of mind.


Brookfield Residential is running a full suite of digital marketing solutions with LOCALiQ. The LOCALiQ team out of Austin was able to quickly pivot Brookfield Residential’s marketing messaging and campaigns to address the coronavirus pandemic. They also performed a full audit of all digital marketing campaigns and messaging and made tweaks to ensure Brookfield was on brand while being sensitive to what was happening around COVID-19.


Brookfield Residential has continued partnering with LOCALiQ because they believe the team helps them reach their marketing goals and acts as an extension of their department. This was supremely evident as the LOCALiQ team worked with them to continue reaching consumers who needed their services while also leading with empathy in their marketing messaging.

“LOCALiQ has really helped us shift our messaging quite quickly and is helping to ensure we’re appropriately addressing our customers,” said Christy Williams, Marketing Manager at Brookfield Residential.

“The team jumped right in to help us put together and turn around a campaign that feels just a little more authentic to what’s happening. They reviewed everything we had out there in the digital space to make sure we weren’t missing the mark in terms of addressing what everyone is going through right now.”

Overall, Williams says that because LOCALiQ is a one-stop-shop, it streamlines marketing for her and her team and makes quick changes like the ones needed to address COVID-19 easier.

“The solutions that LOCALiQ creates on a regular basis for us are the basis of our marketing portfolio – they’re a very important part of our marketing strategy. I think that because of the holistic approach, the whole team is very in sync. That’s been a huge piece of this because it really takes a huge pressure off me.”

“LOCALiQ is invested in Brookfield Residential and the outcomes of the solutions they provide for us. They’re truly a partner in helping us reach our goals.”

Christy Williams
Marketing Manager, Brookfield Residential
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