LG Law is a law firm serving the Kansas City, MO, area with a focus on employment-related claims.


Lewis Galloway, attorney and owner of LG Law, was looking for a way to reach the people searching for his services in his area. While he regularly received referrals from other lawyers and attorneys, the majority of his clients don’t have a prior relationship with a lawyer and are searching for them on search engines.


After being referred to our team over five years ago, Galloway began working with us for LOCALiQ solutions including Search Marketing, Live Chat, and Websites so he could get in front of potential clients searching for his services, present a clear picture of who he is and what he does on his website, and capture and qualify leads with live chat.


Galloway has consistently seen positive results from his integrated marketing strategy. He’s found Live Chat to be an especially great investment as he’s noticed that potential clients are more apt to talk with an agent on his site rather than calling him directly. He’s also able to read through the chat transcripts and easily determine what leads to follow up with.

With Search Marketing, Galloway has found that the majority of potential clients search for lawyers in the same way they search for doctors ““ by searching legal questions rather than by searching for a specific lawyer or legal specialty. He’s been able to get in front of these searchers using Search Marketing and bring them to his website, which is now optimized, organized, and ready to capture leads.

Galloway uses his website as a tool for not only presenting himself to potential clients but also for presenting himself to opposing counsel. He knows that other attorneys and lawyers are searching for him, and he’s happy with what they can see from his website.

Galloway recently received a lead from Live Chat that found him from Search Marketing who’s case is likely to result in a large settlement, a win for his client and for his practice, that he says he might not have without his LOCALiQ marketing campaign.

Overall, Galloway has been consistently impressed with the work from our solutions and from our team, crediting them with reassuring him that he’s getting what he paid for and that it’s working to drive him new clients.

My campaign has been good at finding the right people that need the type of legal services that I provide. The team is great at reassuring me that I'm getting what I paid for, that it works, and that they're not setting it and forgetting it."

Lewis Galloway
Attorney, LG Law
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