McLaren Greater Lansing is a hospital system and operator of the largest network of cancer centers in Michigan dedicated to doing what’s best for patients.

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As the coronavirus pandemic broke out in the U.S., McLaren Greater Lansing was looking for a way to adjust their marketing and messaging to align with current events.


McLaren Greater Lansing works with LOCALiQ for their healthcare marketing strategy, including branded content, and turned to them to pivot their existing strategy and solutions away from service line marketing to a focus on health and safety.


LOCALiQ was able to quickly make changes to McLaren Greater Lansing’s existing marketing strategy based on deep healthcare insights and access to data to allow them to continue connecting with consumers in authentic and meaningful ways.

“Our marketing and messaging have played a large role in communicating to the community the steps that we have taken to ensure safety and to convey that it is safe to seek treatment when needed,” said Linda Toomey, Marketing Manager at McLaren Greater Lansing.

LOCALiQ’s ability to create content that resonates with and engages the local audience and then get that content in front of consumers through the USA TODAY NETWORK has allowed McLaren Greater Lansing to remain top of mind in the community.

“Our partnership with LOCALiQ allows us to navigate this ever-changing landscape and to keep a pulse on the effectiveness of our efforts.”

Linda Toomey
Marketing Manager, McLaren Greater Lansing
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