An automotive group with difficulty attracting new car shoppers, especially at its Ford, Lincoln, and Toyota Dealerships.




This automotive group has lost market share and needed to develop a comprehensive auto marketing strategy for each of its dealerships to build brand awareness, attract more customers, and close more sales


The LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE team developed a complete auto marketing strategy designed to attract and convert auto intenders in zip codes closes to the group’s dealerships. This strategy included:

  • Print Ads
  • Targeted Display
  • Social Ads
  • Targeted Email Marketing


Based on the information gathered by the LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE team, they were able to determine that most auto buyers near the auto group’s dealerships were traveling to outlying dealerships to make vehicle purchases. This presented a challenge that they sought to overcome through the integrated auto marketing strategy. And the results paid off.

Within the first six months, the auto group sold almost 400 new cars in their target zip codes. And, despite overall brand declines for the market, this auto group experienced positive market share movement across the dealerships. Because of the positive results the auto group started seeing in just two months, they were confident in their LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE marketing strategy and ongoing optimization, which helped them reach their original marketing goals.

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