This Honda dealership in Phoenix increased their market share by over 48% after partnering with LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE.




With a new dealership ready to open in the competitive Phoenix marketplace, this large Honda dealership knew they needed to take action to protect their market share lead.


The dealership partnered with the LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE team to help them build a custom auto marketing strategy that would enable them to grow and maintain market share. This comprehensive digital advertising campaign included:

  • Targeted Display Advertising
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Geofencing
  • Print Ads


LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE looked at new vehicle registration data by model and combined that information with a deep dive into zip code analysis to reveal opportunities for the dealer to increase sales through targeted advertising. After deploying this strategy, the Honda dealership’s market share increased by more than 48% for targeted models and zip codes. And, the results only improved as the campaign continued.

Additionally, their multi-channel marketing program generated more than 10% of the dealer’s website conversions while the campaign was running. Because LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE was able to uncover new opportunities and target auto intenders where they live, they were able to protect and increase the dealership’s market share in Phoenix.

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