The largest volume Honda dealer in their region was looking for a way to increase sales with a comprehensive marketing plan.

  • $434K


  • 42%



This Honda dealer noticed their end-of-year sales weren’t what they were hoping, so to overcome that obstacle and make room for new inventory, they were looking for a robust marketing strategy to help them promote end-of-year discount prices for current year Honda models.


The LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE team performed an in-depth analysis to find out how this Honda dealer could capture the interest of Honda shoppers during this key shopping time. We identified top channels

for reaching auto intenders and developed compelling messaging to drive auto shoppers to take-action using solutions that included:

  • Print Ads
  • Targeted Display
  • Digital Ads


Because the LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE team was able to identify the marketing tactics with the highest likelihood of reaching Honda buyers at the stage closest to purchase, they were able to increase sales and profits for the dealer. This multi-channel auto marketing approach drove a 42% sales increase year over year and yielded an estimated profit increase of $434K over the same quarter the previous year.

This increase helped the Honda dealer to break out of the economic pressures they had experienced during the previous year.

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