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  5. Process your first monthly payment of $49.99 and our experts will be in touch. We’ll have your new site ready in two weeks or less!

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Keeping in touch with customers just got way easier.

Grow ROI cost effectively with a single software solution that’s easy to integrate and delivers results on Day One. Client Center with Lead Engagement is one of the most affordable ways to track your leads and get more ROI from your marketing efforts.​

Improve Lead Management & Response

Get instant access to lead details, call recordings, and more, so you can manage leads effortlessly and follow up quickly. Your prioritized lead list stores contact details like name, email address, business location, phone number, day and time of call, and call recording for each contact. You’ll get unique insights into what your audience is asking for and what conversations are closing the sale by listening to calls and seeing which of those leads turn into customers.

Did you know? 50% of consumers do business ​with the company that calls back first¹​

Stay Engaged with Leads & Customers

Our marketing automation and team communication tools will help you stay top of mind with leads and customers, so you can earn more sales. Once you classify a new lead, Client Center can automatically send a series of emails like an automated thank you, special offers, and helpful tips that entice people to buy from you. Plus, the technology continues to remind you and your staff to follow up personally with each lead, so you convert more leads into customers.

Did you know? It costs 5-7x more to get ​a new customer than it ​does to keep one²​

Know What Marketing Investments Are Paying Off

Know exactly which marketing efforts generate leads and customers so you make smart decisions and continue to invest in what’s working best. You’ll have 24/7 access to ROI4 reports via the web portal and mobile app so you can check in and make educated budget allocation decisions whenever it’s convenient for you. Armed with detailed information about your leads — from contact details and popular lead generation days and times to where leads are coming from — you are always in tune with your marketing results.

Did you know? 62% of SMBs don’t know ​if their marketing works³​

¹​InsideSales.com 2/12 ²​Social Annex 2/16 ³​MarketingLand, 2/16​

A national network, locally trusted brands, and the iQ to put it to work for you.


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LOCALiQ is part of the USA Today Network, and offers an award-winning platform and expertise for all your digital marketing. Plus, we’re partners with Google, Facebook, Bing and others to bring you the newest and the best.

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Why do I need a website?
Building a website is more than simply having a URL and some images. Our team of experienced developers understand the user experience and will choose every aspect from images to navigation in a way that ensures a positive customer experience while on your site. We also use professional content writers that will sure your site is full of SEO rich text that will help you show up when customers are on Google.
What's included in the Lite Website subscription?
  • A unique website tailored for your business built by a team of website professionals within 2 weeks.
  • Up to 5 pages of SEO rich content by professional copywriters and 10 licensed images for use on your website.
  • On-going monitoring to ensure up to date security protocols and browser requirements.
  • Monthly meeting with a website success expert to help you optimize your website to meet your evolving needs.
  • Access to our award winning client center dashboard to see in real time how your site is performing, manage leads, and much more.
How does this work?
With LOCALiQ, you simply give us some basic information and any preferences, have a quick 30-minute phone call with a designer then go on with your life while we build your website. Behind the scenes, our designers are doing the coding, SEO considerations and so much more.
What is LOCALiQ?
Glad you asked. LOCALiQ is part of the massive USA Today Network made up of more than 300K customers nationwide. We’ve built local trust over years of valued journalism and combined with our intelligent business solutions, tech, tools and industry-leading products and insights.
Can I integrate other tools like social media and ecommerce with my site?
We can!
Do I have to sign a contract?
After your 14 day free trial there is a 6 month agreement.