I remember the days of flipping through the Encyclopedia for information on school papers and answers to random questions I had. My curiosity was never completely satisfied by the short entries, and I usually had to check out additional books from the library to get more information. It could take days to feel like I finally had the answers I was looking for. Now, I can type (or speak!) my question into Google and instantly see thousands of results around my query.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine a time before you could just pull out your phone or computer and get the answer to pretty much any question in just seconds.

But, it was just 20 years ago that Google emerged and changed the way we get our information and market our businesses.

So, what else has changed beyond going online instead of going to your nearest library for information since Google hit the scene? First, watch this Google Doodle, then, let’s explore!

Google is a Verb

We’re all about getting things quickly, so it’s no wonder we’ve shortened our verbiage to include Google or Googling as verbs.

I don’t really remember the transition from typing something into Google to “Googling” something, but some say the first use of Google as a verb (at least on television) was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2002.

You want to know something? Let’s Google it! When you think about it, that’s a pretty big deal. Twenty years ago, Google was just a weird little name for a bare bones search engine, and now it’s an accepted and widely-used term.

Searches went from 10K per day to 3.1B per day

When Google first started, there were about 10,000 searches per day. In just one year, searches grew to 3.1 million per day. Now, the average daily search volume is at 3.1 BILLION. That’s a lot of searches.

And that number will only continue to grow. People want information, and they want it now ““ and luckily, Google abides. Google is constantly growing and adapting to make searching easier and faster for consumers, adding services like the ability to book a flight, shop, and find information about businesses, contact them, or get directions quickly on their desktop or in the palm of their hand.

Businesses Adapt Their Entire Marketing Strategies Around Google

Before Google, offline advertising was pretty much the only way to go. And now, businesses look to Google to inform a large part of their marketing strategies and keep the search engine top of mind for their advertising and online marketing.

Search marketing, which didn’t really exist before Google, is a necessity if you want to get in front of your prospects and customers. And, Google leads the pack when it comes to updating their search algorithm, so businesses look to Google and what will help get them ranked at the top when they’re building their websites, writing their content, and developing their strategy.

Mobile & Voice Search Emerged as Power Players

Just like consumers made the jump from offline searching to desktop Googling, there’s been a similar transition from searching on the desktop to mobile devices. In 2015, mobile Google searches surpassed desktop Google searches for the first time. The shift to mobile searching even led Google to release an update prioritizing the mobile version of a business’s website instead of their desktop version ““ sending a clear signal that mobile isn’t going anywhere.

But, mobile does have some competition. ComScore estimates that 50% all searches will be through voice search by 2020. Voice search is so easy, and the rise in voice assistants has made it even easier, so it’s no wonder that there are an estimated one billion voice searches every month.

So, What Does this Mean for Local Businesses?

Google has and will continue to be a huge player in the realm of local marketing. If you’re not on the search engine in some way, whether through paid search marketing, SEO, or, ideally, both, you’re probably missing out on a ton of searchers. And, because Google continues to evolve as consumers and their search behavior evolves, it’s helpful to keep up with them so you can ensure you’re delivering a great online experience for your customers and prospects.

Sound like a lot to keep up with? Why don’t you let us keep up with it for you!? We’ve helped thousands of local businesses get success on Google, and we want to help you, too. Give us a call today to learn how we can support all your Google dreams.

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